Temple Bar, Dublin
August 12th, 2022

6 Things To Do in Dublin Ireland (2022 Guide)

Make your trip memorable, from pubs to food and scenery- here are the top 6 must do things in Dublin.

You’ve gotta be in Dublin! Whether you live in Ireland or want to visit, Dublin is a city you must explore. From world-class hotels to nightclubs, pubs, great food, and stunning scenery, Dublin is definitely the heartbeat of Ireland. If you’re in Dublin for a weekend or holiday, here are 6 things you should cram into your plan.

Visiting Dublin, Ireland

1. Temple Bar: Dublin’s cultural center. A visit to Temple Bar is a surefire way to have great craic. Temple Bar street is home to some of the best pubs, restaurants, and live music in the city and is definitely the best place to have a fun day or night out. Visit one of the famous pubs or go on a pub crawl to experience traditional Irish music, good pints, and food. Temple Bar is also a great spot to grab a few souvenirs.


Temple Bar street

Temple Bar Street

2. Take a walk at a park: Fall in love with nature at Phoenix Park. Walk through the park soaking in the sun, views, and fresh air. The park is open all year round without an entry fee for its attractions. Explore the Magazine Fort, Phoenix Monument, Burial chamber, Papal Cross, and other sites. Phoenix Park also has a zoo where you can watch any of the animals feed and play.    

Phoenix Park Dublin, Ireland

Phoenix Park Wellington Monument

3. Chill at Fitzsimons Temple Bar: Right in the heart of Temple Bar, Fitzsimons Temple Bar is one pub you can’t miss. There’s nothing better than a pub with live Irish music, sports streaming, pints, cocktails, and a rooftop bar. Fitzsimons has the only fully heated rooftop bar in Dublin, so if you’re looking for a bar with outdoor seating, The Roof Garden has you covered. They also provide hotel services so you can stroll from the bar to your room and explore the city’s attractions. Stop by at Fitzsimons Temple Bar for a pint and pictures.

Fitzsimons Temple Bar

4. Bus Tour: Go on the famous Dublin’s Hop-on Hop-off guided bus tours and explore the city! Dublin’s sights are best enjoyed from the top of a double-decker bus, learning about historical monuments with a chilled drink in hand and the sun glistening on your face (if you’re lucky). The Dublin bus tour runs through Trinity College, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin Castle, Guinness Storehouse, Jameson Distillery, Dublin Zoo, National Museum of Ireland, and many more top attractions.    

Dublin Bus Tour

Dublin Bus Tour

5. Trinity College: The old library of Trinity College is the largest library in Ireland. With over 220,000 books stored in its infamous long room, the college has become a growing attraction for tourists and locals. Go on a tour to see the Book of Kells dated 800 AC and walk in the shoes of Oscar Wilde, Ernest Walton, and Mary Robinsons as you walk down the halls of Trinity.       

Trinity Collge

Trinity College

6. Pop City Nightclub: Lastly, a Dublin trip guide wouldn’t be complete without nightlife. The nightlife scene in Dublin is a true beast; if you’re looking to party the night away, Pop City nightclub is your best bet for a wild night out. The 90’s themed club is one of the oldest standing nightclubs in Temple Bar, and you can expect some of Dublin’s best DJs. Head down to Pop City and try a VIP party booth.

Pop City 

There are so many places in Dublin waiting for you to explore. So get some sandy toes, go shopping or to some pubs, visit some historical monuments and make adventurous memories.